Camera confidence workshop – learn how to present yourself and tell your story through photo, audio and video

You know you need to be doing more video on Facebook or Instagram but the thought of talking to camera sends chills down your spine… 


You have this great idea for a podcast but your confidence and fears about your mickey mouse vocals stop you creating one...


Or maybe your photography skills suck and your Instagram feed is beginning to show it…


It’s just a fact of life: when it comes to creating visual content, some people are naturals and the rest of us – well, are not.


Here’s another fact of life: the only thing standing between you and people who churn out awesome video and photography is a little bit of training and a shot of confidence.


The future of marketing is video content and your competitors are all over it. 

Is it time to step up and tell your story confidently?   


Let us show you how.


Our one-day interactive creative workshop will teach you how to find the confidence to present yourself and your story across all mediums.  


You’ll learn tips and tricks from a professional actress and vocal coach and how to deliver a great story that will have you presenting your video and podcast content like a pro.


And to compliment your content strategy, you’ll learn how to take beautiful and effective images for your website, social media and across all your marketing activity from an industry expert. 


You’ll walk away with:

  • The skills and confidence to get video and podcast ready;

  • A story format for your own show reel 

  • A video demo example of your show reel

  • Professional tips on how to take an awesome photo, every time 

  • How to set up your first podcast 

  • A list of tools and resources that you can use as your confidence and skill set increases.


Morning session: 

Story telling 

Content marketer and founding grownup, Margaret Ambrose, will teach you how to tell the story you want to tell using video and images.


You’ll learn how to present the story of your business; how to uncover the elements that make it – and you – unique; and how to format your content in a way that is compelling and interesting, and leads to results. You'll have a script to use in our interactive part of the workshop. 

Podcast phenomenon  - how, why and when.

Digital Marketing strategist, Tania Wilson will explore this booming medium and give you tips on how to get your own up and running. 


To top off the morning, professional photographer Michelle Broadhurst will take you through what you need to know to create picture perfect images: how to frame a shot, lighting, composition, and other tricks of the trade. 


Afternoon session: 

Presenting confidently - Interactive fun bit

The second half of the day will prepare you for becoming the voice of your brand.

Valerie Duthil will teach you vocal exercises, tips and tricks that will set you on the path to pitch perfect pod casts and talking and presenting to video – and also set you up for speaking at future meetings and public speaking engagements. 

What else do you get? 

  • Bottomless coffee 

  • Morning tea

  • Yummy lunch 

our presenters

Valerie Duthil

Valerie Duthil is a professional actress/creator and a qualified voice coach trained at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. She has professional experience in Film, TV and Stage, and has coached actors, yoga teachers, corporates, entrepreneurs, in confidence and public speaking. Find out more about Valerie 

Michelle Broadhurst

Michelle has a successful photography business that works with amazing designers and builders to bring their work to life in print and online. Find out more about Michelle

Margaret Ambrose

Margaret Ambrose is an award-winning journalist, best selling author and marketing content producer.


Her work has appeared in the New York Post, The Guardian, Australian Women's Weekly, Herald Sun, Cosmopolitan, MindFood and other print and online publications in Australia and around the world.

Find out more about Margie

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Tania Wilson

With 14 years experience in the digital industry, Tania Wilson has acquired the depth of experience and skill sets across digital marketing, strategy and technology, that has seen her become an industry leader. Find out more about Tania

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