The weekly Sunday morning brunches hadn’t changed much: eggs, bacon, vegetables (mostly decorative), coffee (lots of coffee), but as Tania Wilson and Margaret Ambrose’s friendship neared its second decade, the conversation had.


After forging successful careers in digital marketing and strategy, and journalism and content writing, the friends found themselves at a turning point.


Tania, who had worked for some of the world’s most identifiable brands and had recently started her own business TW Digital, wanted to apply her talents and experience to an endeavour she was truly passionate about.


Margaret, one of Australia’s best-known feature writers and journalists, had just waved her youngest child off to school, and was turning her efforts to writing more about issues that impact Australian women and her content writing business,


Over many brunches, Tania and Margaret shared their own experiences growing their start-ups – the ups, the downs, the truly hysterical moments – and something they had both noticed: all around them were women with side hustles they dreamed of turning into businesses.  And so the concept Start Ups for Grown Ups was born.  

Its aim is simple: to empower mature women to turn their side hustle into a thriving business.


We want to work with real women. The time poor; women with school pick ups, ageing parents, dogs, cats; singles stretching mortgages with normal jobs.   

We offer creative, friend workshops and one-on-one training sessions that provide the resources and support to enable women to write their own stories; achieve their own dreams.

No unicorns, millennial pinks or promises of overnight success!

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Story of us

Great ladies with years of personal experience in writing and marketing. They share their experience in an enjoyable and accessible way that builds confidence in new business owners. Highly recommend.