A Day in the Life of the Grownups

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a Startups for Grownups workshop? We take a peek into a day in the life of the Grownups…

The invitation may say a 10.00 start, but work on a Startups for Grownups workshop can begin months before the actual event.

Co-founders Margaret Ambrose and Tania Wilson begin by consulting with past participants and members of their networking teams to decide what it is that women in business are keen to learn about, or in what areas they think their business can be improved.

When a topic is decided upon, the Grownups conduct exhaustive research and consultation with experts.

Before the recent PR and Influencers workshop, Margaret met with Australia’s top influencers and influencer marketing agencies, to discover exactly how this new form of marketing works and how women in business can best leverage it.

In the lead up to the Social Media workshop, Tania had one-on-one meetings with Facebook and businesses that were best utilising the new features, to pass on up-to-the minute marketing advice to participants.

“The ladies share their experience in an enjoyable and accessible way that builds confidence in new business owners.” Kat

Of course, when the workshop participants show up on the morning of the workshop, they’re only interested in one thing: granola!

Startups for Grownups workshops are held at the Mantra café in Yarraville, which is renowned for it’s legendary granola bar!

After getting to know each other over granola and coffee (served by everyone’s favourite barista Lachlan, who doesn’t just know how to make the best coffee but also has an intuitive knowledge of when you need another one…), it’s time to get down to business: learning new skills and how to apply them to your business.

“I loved how diverse business stages of the attendees were; right from idea stage to fully fledged businesses looking for a bit of an edge.” Kylie

It can be a lot to take in, so every participant is given a workbook to take home, which covers everything in the lesson portion of the event – plus offers direction with how to use it in your business.

After a short break, it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of the event: the workshop!

Everyone gathers around a big table and munches on chocolate (somehow, chocolate just seems to bring out the creativity in women!) while we go around the group and participants are able to put any issue or idea they have for their business for the whole group to workshop.

“I have met some wonderful and inventive people who have exciting new businesses and like me are navigating their way through marketing and social media!” Kath

Startups for Grownups deliberately keep class sizes small, so everyone has enough time to really workshop their own business.

“Everyone loves the workshops,” says Margaret. “Surprisingly, they seem to work best when we have a diverse range of businesses. Suggestions from people removed from your industry are generally fresh and bias free!”

There have been tears, as participants share details of personal issues that have held them back from growing their businesses; there have been high fives as women who had done very little or no marketing, create a three month digital marketing plan; and at the end of the day there are hugs all round, and promises to keep in touch.

When the last participant has been waved off, Margaret and Tania kick off their shoes, pour a glass of champagne…and talk about what’s next.

Because Startups for Grownups is itself a young business, also run by women, and Tania and Margaret walk away from every workshop feeling just as inspired and full of new ideas as everyone who attended the workshop.

“Women succeed when women support each other,” says Tania. “Many women in startups work alone and from home – just connecting with other women who are going through the same journey, and learning new skills together means so much.”

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