Should you hire a social media expert or do it yourself?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

The Western World may be busier than we’ve ever been, but one thing has not changed: the number of hours in a day. To address this, we’re outsourcing those jobs we either hate or are not very good at – and I love it.

Sorry, don’t have time to clean the car; good thing that kid next door is looking to make some cash. Cook dinner this week? Forget it, let’s do Uber Eats. Sorry Spot, a walk today is out of the question, but you remember Nina, that lovely lady with the other dogs who took you to the park last week?

As our businesses take off, we begin to outsource too. And it’s only a matter of time before you ask yourself the question: Do I bother with social media myself, or just flick it to an expert.

There is no right or wrong answer – just questions you should ask yourself.

There are many excellent reasons to employ someone to do your social media. They know what works and what doesn’t; they understand all the social media algorithms; and handing off the work will free you up to concentrate on building your business.

It’s true, all those hours you spend on trial and error and learning new tricks, could be replaced by a few minutes of an expert’s time.

There are also certain drawbacks to outsourcing your social media, branding being a significant one. No one knows your brand, your story and your aspirations like you do, and many startups find the time they save outsourcing their social media is actually lost again trying to get the social media manager on brand.

And external consultants will never be as personally invested as you are, and startups – most who have poured their heart and soul, as well as a significant wad of cash – naturally want to nurture that investment.

For many startups, cash is the biggest factor. Experts, even the low-charging ones on tasking websites, cost money, and small business owners may be tempted to save a little by doing their social media marketing themselves.

We get it, tight budgets are frustrating. You know that engaging a specialist should grow your business and increase your income, but right now you need to do stuff like, you know, feed your kids.

The solution we see a lot of successful startups find is neither to outsource to an expert nor to do it themselves – it’s actually a mixture of both.

When it comes to social media marketing, many small businesses are now investing in themselves, and spending a morning or a day training in social media marketing. This allows them to get a good understanding of how things work and if they feel it is something they want to continue with.

For less than it would cost for a month of engaging a social media marketer, they are firstly upskilling themselves and their employees and then bringing the social media marketing in house. This provides the business owner with a good understanding of how things work in social media land and an opportunity to test and learn.

What they have found is that they get to retain all their brand awareness and personal investment, yet save the money they would have otherwise have spent on an expert.

Most tell us that eventually, as their business is growing, they plan to either engage a social media marketer (for a mix of owner & hired content) or hire someone in-house, but while they are still in the startup zone, this is the most effective solution for them.

If you are interested in upskilling your current social media skills and want to learn how to take better pictures you might like to join us at our up and coming workshop.

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