Sideswiped by a hysterectomy and a pandemic

“You never know what’s just around the corner.” That used to be one of my favourite upbeat sayings. I don’t think I’ll ever use it again, or at least in the same way after 2020.

2020 has sucked on so many levels and to be honest, Margie and I are really only just coming up for air (masks on and a still a bit wobbly).

Grownups, you may be wondering why we’ve been a little quiet (actually, you’ve probably been too occupied with, you know, the pandemic, to give us a second thought, but please, humour us!) and here’s why.

Back in January, I remember feeling so much excitement for what lay ahead. Margie and I had worked our arses off preparing another year of events, cool new projects, partnerships, and growing our community that we adored so much.

Then fast forward to February 14, Valentine’s Day, and I’m sitting in the hospital café waiting for the Dr to tell me why my mother has been on the operating table for seven hours when a simple hysterectomy usually take two.

The days blur from that day on. The word COVID start to roll off the tongue of presenters on Channel 9 and hand sanitiser appears in the hospital lobby.

It’s now March and mentally we have lost my mother and physically they suspect Parkinson’s or Lewy Body Dementia or delirium or….

No one knows and nothing makes sense anymore as we start to hear the words lockdown.

My focus, my stress, my responsibility becomes my mother.

Margie’s concern, focus and stress become her elderly mother and her two beautiful young girls. And home schooling. Don’t ever mention home schooling.

Everything changes. Everything stops.

The world goes sideways and we know that we have to pause our SUFGUs plans while we work out what the hell is going on and protect those closest to us.

And now it’s November. The tail end of two devastating Melbourne lockdown periods as we try to find our new normal and pick up the pieces.

Mum has a long road ahead but things are looking better. We thank the universe that both our families are healthy and safe.

But like all of us, we mourn for those that have lost their lives, their livelihood, their minds and their businesses.

We want to do something to help, and have been reaching out to those that need our support.

We know that uncertainty is still a bitch and continues to keeps us all up at night, but we feel the least we can do, is take what we know and help you find some peace and direction forward.

So if you feel like you are floundering around in post- COVID muck, we’d be happy to have natter over a coffee or zoom.

Business-wise, we’re happy to listen and point you in the right direction when you need it. Just give us a shout out at

Much love

Tania & Margie

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