Spotlight on a Grownup: Lynda Rennick, Homelea Lass

Lynda Rennick
Homelea Lass is about encouraging, inspiring and helping busy people to create a happy life through chunky crochet.

Everyday we meet women working in varied and unique businesses – but Lynda Rennick takes the prize for the only Startups for Grownups workshop participant who can legitimately call herself a “chunky crochet designer”!

Lynda is the creator of Homelea Lass, a Melbourne-based business that creates all-in-one crochet kits and an online course, Blanket School.

Lynda takes us behind the scenes of her beautiful business and shares with us the very person story behind it.

So, tell us about your business…

“Homelea Lass is about encouraging, inspiring and helping busy people to create a happy life through chunky crochet.

“Homelea Lass has a beautiful range of easy-to-follow crochet kits, ‘made for you’ items, crochet patterns and chunky Australian merino wool yarns.

“I’m conscious of using high quality, sustainable and ethical materials and tools because I believe that the energy of everything and everyone in the making process lives on in the finished product.

“I hand make each kit and ‘made for you’ product in my Melbourne studio, and I run an online course and community, Blanket School.”

Where did the idea for your business come from?

“Homelea Lass started as a blog while I was starting to heal from Chronic Fatigue. As my healing journey has progress, Homelea Lass has evolved into what it is today. It’s a business and personal journey all rolled into one.”

What does a normal day look like for you?

“I’m not sure I have a normal day! You could find me packing online orders, updating my website, putting together video tutorials, responding to emails, making chunky scarves and blankets, posting on social media, taking photos, writing blog posts, doing live video calls for Blanket School or preparing for markets. Each day is different.”

What role does social media and marketing play in your business success?

“It’s helping me to reach and connect with my customers, plus it provides social proof that I’m ‘real’.”

Who do you admire and why?

“I admire Maryanne Moodie and her colourful creations. I love her unique creating style, and how she has different income streams.”

How are you hoping to grow your business?

“I’d love for Blanket School to be a bustling and vibrant creative community, and to continue creating lots of beautiful designs that just have to be made.”

What are your major challenges?

“Reaching my customers and differentiating my quality products from what’s cheaply available elsewhere.”

What advice do you have for other women starting a business?

“Keep learning and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Follow your heart and take every opportunity to talk with your customers and learn from them.”

Find out more about Homelea Lass & to get yourself signed up to Blanket School!