The actress who was ‘discovered’ at 63 and why there’s no age limit on chasing your career goals

Think there’s an age limit on pursuing your dream career? Don’t tell that to Jacqui Weaver, the Academy Award nominated actress who appeared in over 60 films and 90 plays before she was finally ‘discovered’ at age 63.

Aged 18, Weaver decided to turn down a place a university and pursue her dreams of acting. She made her film debut in 1971's Stork. It won her first Australian Film Institute Award and was followed by iconic roles including Picnic at Hanging Rock in 1975 and Caddie in 1976.

Although she has been a regular fixture on the Australian screen (big and small) for decades, the world only really noticed Weaver when she delivered a standout performance in David Michôd’s 2010 drama Animal Kingdom.

What happened next is a lesson for everyone on the importance of giving your all to every role – no matter how small or insignificant.

Weaver’s performance in Animal Kingdom earned her an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress, which was followed two years later by another nomination in the same category for Silver Linings Playbook – and then Hollywood really came knocking.

She quickly scored a role in the Tommy Wiseau biopic The Disaster Artist, and starred alongside Melissa McCarthy in the comedy Life of the Party.

Most recently, she’s scared the crap out of millions of viewers with her role alongside Sandra Bullock in Netflix’s record-breaking film Bird Box.

Now, age 71, 2019 is gearing up to be her busiest year yet.

“The work hasn’t let up,” Weaver recently told the Guardian. “The offers continue to come in. I can’t do all of them, so I just keep going as fast as I can.”

Good job Jackie!