The key to success is not working hard. It’s working smart.

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

I love this quote. But it also s##!!'s me.(Facebook won't let me say SH##i##!)

Working for yourself or starting a new business often means working from home. For some people this is a dream, but for others it’s an endless challenge.

Avery woman who works from home knows that feeling. The kids, husbands and house guests have all left the building. The dog has been walked and you finally hear the sound of silence. Ahhhh.

You set yourself up at the kitchen table, fingers hovering over the keyboard, resolved to get straight into work…and then you see them: dirty dishes in the sink. You know you should start working, but the dishes are just going to distract you, so you may as well get up and do them, right?

No sooner have you sat back down than you’re thirsty, more coffee making, then you may as well put a load of washing on, and water the garden, check Facebook, Instagram. And suddenly its midday and you have done no work. (Hey, but the house looks fabulous!)

Thing is, you can’t enjoy it because you know you are going to be up all night doing the work you should have been doing while you were Windexing the Venitians.

It’s a question put to me a lot by people making the transition from a working in an office to home. Shamefully they ask, ‘How do you stay focused?’

Someone told me in a recent study, men who worked from home wanked all day and women did the housework. Yeah, I’d put money on that being true.

So what has worked for me?

I like to think of managing working from home like a muscle – you have to work it and train it for it to be any good. You have to find the right tool or method that works with you.

There are a heap of apps out there that allow you to time block your day, play you soothing music, turn off your social media, turn off your phone – and do the dishes?

But what I’ve found works best for me is non-tech and surprisingly simple.

Someone recently told me the following and I’ve been doing this daily with great results.

Each day before you do anything else, ground yourself and set your intentions for the day.

Think of it as a little ritual – make it a nice one – sit in the garden with your first cuppa.

Do it while you walk the dog, or the first light before the household breaks into chaos.

Just one calm moment of inner focus. What are my intentions for today? Productive, focused, creative, calm, efficient, successful - whatever you feel you need to set the day up right.

As far as the grounding goes, imagine or feel your heels firmly planted on the ground. Keeps you in the moment – mindfulness.

Then at night, rattle off three or four things that you are grateful for. Just before you nod off. There is also a whole other theory on how amazing this end of day gratitude is for you– google it.

Give it a go for a week and see how you feel and report back.

Also keen to hear of any other techniques for successfully working from home you have going!

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