This was supposed to be a trend report

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

We Are With You - A.B - Challis street shops Newport

This was supposed to be a trend report. It was supposed to give you a rundown on what to look out for in the new year, what 'they' predict our new decade will look like for us in business.  But to be honest, it has been enormously challenging to find the words, the right moment or the motivation to get things moving in light of the devastation that has unfolded before our eyes over the past few weeks in Australia. 

Instead, like most people I'm sure, I have sat paralysed, scrolling through the streams of devastating stories and images on social media of our people, our towns and wildlife as it unfolded.

But I also remember the moment it all started to shift, when we woke up and jumped to attention, all compelled to do something. Anything.  At this point our social content took a turn. In between the sadness and tragedy, we were flooded with opportunities to contribute, donate or participate.

I watched as the creative minds got to work and witnessed a handful of new micro services / businesses born out the needs - and I jumped on board. 

  • Find A Bed had accrued 7000 listings and housed around 100 people within a few days  (offered the front room) 

  • @spendwiththem is a Instagram account launched by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride and features business in fire-affected areas . (already purchased) 

  • Tegan Weber’s #GoWithEmptyEskys campaign (So doing this when the roads open) 

  • Animal Rescue Craft Guild group of sewers and knitters making joey pouches, bird nests and more (boxes and boxes of craft have arrived from all over the world FFS!) 

  • My Shout was designed to help you shop local without being there in person - buy a coffee, lunch etc for someone in the town. 

  • Stay With Them -  Inspiring travel to the fire affected regions. To help rebuild our tourism industry🇦🇺

The power of social media, simple technology and creative thinking for the GOOD in this situation has blown my mind.

It’s really reaffirmed what Margie and I have been saying for years: when we band together and offer genuine, unconditional and practical advice to each other, the magic happens.

It’s what we've base Startups for Grownups on, and from what we’ve seen these past weeks, we have only just scratched the surface of something much bigger to help us support a rapidly changing world.

If any of our Startups for  Grownups community has an idea for a social service to help in anyway and needs some advice getting it up and running, we are happy to donate our time and knowledge. Please reach out and let us know. 

Margie and I would like to send our sincere condolences to those that lost their homes, communities and loved ones.  Our heartfelt thanks also goes out to the fire fighters and volunteers who put their own lives on the line to do what they could for others. 

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