What exactly is ‘camera ready’?

We all know that we should be producing more video content for our social

media and website – so what’s stopping us? We asked professional actress

and voice coach, Valerie Duthil…

Why are we so afraid of video?

There are a myriad of reasons why people are so afraid of video. They can

range from deep fears and beliefs, to simply a lack of technical skills and

knowledge that could give them the confidence to press record.

I believe a lot of us are afraid of video because we are afraid to be seen. We

are scared to be judged and criticised; we worry about how people will

perceive us, how we look, how our voice sounds.

There is often a deep need to be liked. The reality is, not everyone is going to

like us. What we have to remember is that we are all unique and there’s not a

single person in the world like you. 

So how do we push past these barriers so we can stand in the light, show up

on video and feel good?

We start by feeling connected to our body. Most of us walk around

disconnected; we live in our heads. So when we come back into being in our

body, we connect to an inner strength and power that lies deep within us.

And it’s from this place of power and presence we want to speak from,

because this is where your authenticity resides.

There is no greater power than being you, and people will feel it. You will

attract the right people to you who value you, and will want to work with you,

plus you will feel much more confident the next time you press record. 

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