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Couldn’t make it to our Mastering PR and Influencers workshop? Now you don’t have to miss out – we’ve created a 21-day online course that anyone can do from home!


Mastering PR and Influencers is one of Startups for Grownups most popular workshop, and it’s no secret why.

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Why PR and influencers?

Startups for Grownups trains and mentors women in business, and we know that the biggest obstacles to great marketing are cash and know-how.


You know you should be marketing your business, but aside from boosting the occasional post on Facebook, you’re not sure what else there is. And besides, you have zero marketing budget.


This is why mastering PR and influencers is so essential for startups.


You can be getting featured on some of the county’s biggest, widest-reaching publications – online and print – as well as reaching millions of followers on social media, for little or no cost.


Just let that sink in for a minute.

Whenever we run our Mastering PR and Influencers Workshops, interest is huge. Our paticipants get so much out of it – in fact, recently I saw one of our ex-students (solo operator, turning her side hustle into a real business) interviewed on a national women’s website with millions of readers. The article contained a photo of her and a link to her website – she could not have been happier!


Sadly though, we keep our workshops small and personal and we’re Melbourne-based, so some people missed out. That’s why we decided to create an online version of the same course.


Mastering PR and Influencers:

the online course

Enrol in our online course and you’ll receive the same training, learn the same skills, receive the same booklets, and you’ll even get the benefit of working directing with the marketing professionals at Startup Central – real people personally assess your assignments and give advice specific to you and your business.


You don’t get the coffee and granola bar, for which Startups for Grownups workshops are renown – but you do get a certificate that tells the world that you’re a Grownup and you mean business.


Where you'll be in 21 days

At the end of the course you will have everything you need to start reaching out to the media and influencers. You’ll be confidently sending out your media release to newspapers, magazines, TV shows and radio programs, and proposing collaborations with social media influencers.


What you'll leave with

  • An insider’s understanding of how the media and influencer marketing industries work

  • A ready-to-go media release especially for your business, written by you under the direction of our marketing professionals.

  • Outlines for three additional media releases

  • A list of social media influencers that you plan to collaborate with

  • A ready-to-go targeted pitch to influencers, outlining a proposed collaboration

  • The knowledge of who to pitch and when

  • What you need to create and maintain a media and influencers contact database


What's included in the package

  • Four video tutorials

  • Two course information workbooks

  • Three assignments, which are individually assessed by our marketing professionals

  • Feedback on assignments, advice and guidance by a real person (yes, a real person!)

  • Access to discounts and member specials on future workshops and online course

  • A Grownup certificate


Who is this course for?


This is a terrific course for women just starting out in business, and those dreaming of turning their side hustle into a real business. You don’t need to have any marketing experience, you don’t need huge social media followings, and you certainly don’t have to had any media experience.


This course will equip you with all the tools you need to start reaching out to the media and social influencers at your own pace.