Startup Jumpstart Session 

Full day 

Has your small biz run out of steam?

Startup Jumpstart is an inspiring and hands-on workshop that helps small business and startups reignite their fire! 


Yes its on again - this is the 5th time we have run this workshop and its our favourite. 

For one whole day, you get to hear the latest thinking and techniques from industry experts on how to turn those challenges, doubts and fears into plans of action and get your startup or small business moving forward again.

The best bit – Brainstorm session. Get clarity and new ideas

Every participant will have their business, idea or ‘side hustle’ workshopped and developed by their fellow participants and business experts, in a friendly and encouraging space.


Who is this for?

New or existing business owners who feel they have lost their mojo, feel a bit stuck and lost.

Looking for ways to give their mindset and businesses a big boost.

No, you don’t have to be a Millennial; no you don’t have to think anything is ‘epic’!


Startup Jumpstart is designed to support and development mature women wanting to launch their own startup or refresh their current business. 


What to expect on the day

Get clarity on your why and create a simple plan to move away from fear, find your motivation and focus for 2020 to give your biz idea a go.

Wishy washy plans are not going to get you anywhere. Having a clear vision for the year ahead will. Creative techniques will get you crystal clear on the year ahead.


What’s your real story?

Are you struggling with marketing content, elevator pitches or just basic messaging?

Writing your story should be the first marketing exercise you undertake, because it will define your brand and underpin every marketing campaign you create.

Your story clearly establishes who you are, what is important to you, what you are offering and why.


Everyone has a story, but very few know how to bring it to life.

We’ll take you through the process of writing the story of your brand - every advertisement, blog entry, social media post, flyer, podcast, media release will flow from there. 

Are you feeling frustrated at how fast social media, marketing and technology is changing?

If you are feeling left behind, and hear yourself muttering ‘I’m too old for this #$!’. We hear you, and you are not alone.

In this session, Senior Digital strategist and marketing consultant, Tania Wilson will share her secrets from 16 years in the industry, bring you up to speed on the latest trends on social media PLUS reveal top emerging tech trends that help you evolve your business.


Are you feeling lonely and isolated and wish you had a team of champions and professional to help you solve a problem or give you feedback on an idea?


Running a small business or side hustle can be a lonely game. Particularly when we are faced with challenges, when things aren’t going to plan or we have to make a big decision.


This is why our afternoon brainstorming session is our most popular part of this workshop.

You get to chance to share your specific challenge or idea with the professional and participants to hear their feedback and advice. We encourage creative thinking and problem solving. It’s a lot of fun and previously we’ve had some amazing ideas born!


What else do you get?

  • Morning tea & coffee

  • Workbook with lots of takeaways

  • Free follow up 1/2hr session with Margie and Tania  

Who are the hosts?

Margaret Ambrose - Award-winning journalist, best selling author and marketing content producer.

Tania Wilson -  Digital strategy and marketing consultant for well known brands and agencies 

What others are saying 

"The Jumpstart Session was a great introductory overview to all things starting a business....." 

"Startups for Grownups workshop created a modern and relaxed environment were I could explore my concerns and ideas around starting my own business"

Next workshop coming soon

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